November 3, 2017

Town of Rye Wins Urban and Community Forestry Grant!

The Town of Rye has partnered with the Friends of Crawford Park to create a Tree Inventory and Community Forest Management Plan at Crawford Park.

Until now, the Town has managed our trees reactively - that is, we have contracted to remove them when we found them to be dead or decaying. As a result, we have not been in a position to address invasive trees, vines, or pests at Crawford Park. The Town is eager to being proactively managing our tree assets and potentially apply the cost savings to improving the health and beauty of the parks' natural resources.

With this Tree Inventory, we'll be able to identify how many trees in the park might be threatened by the Emerald Ash Borer and make effective plans to inject and protect our Ash trees.

The Tree Inventory and Community Forest Management Plan will enable us to work smartly and strategically to prioritize maintenance, improve budget forecasting, and better integrate park programming with long-term maintenance activities.

This is the Town's first ever Tree Inventory! The goal is to create both an inventory of the hundreds of mature trees in Crawford Park - a 36-acre former estate - and a plan to sustain the health and safe public enjoyment of the park's botanical resources. The tree inventory will identify tree species and collect data on location, size, age, and condition. The management plan will create systems for invasive pest and plant management, identify new areas and species for plantings, and provide long-term planning and software to track performance.



A Municipals Guide to Forestry in New York State

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Post written by:
Debbie Reisner
Chief of Staff/ Confidential Secretary