March 28, 2017

iLookAbout takes pictures for Town

Residents may notice a curious vehicle cruising through the streets of their neighborhoods over the next several weeks. No need for concern, the Town of Rye has engaged a company called iLookAbout to take fresh pictures of each property in the Town.

This is a picture of what the iLookAbout van looks like and below is a brief explanation of the project from Assessor Denise Knauer.

Dear Property Owner:

This letter is to inform you that a company called iLookAbout is working on behalf of the Town of Rye Assessor’s Office as part of an ongoing effort to collect up-to-date imagery of the properties within the Town of Rye. iLookAbout is a Canadian based company that will have a van with cameras mounted on it driving through the streets of the town to take multiple photos from various angles of all properties.

It is anticipated that this project will commence the week of March 27th and will continue for approximately three weeks. This work may include weekends, weather permitting.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Assessment Office at the above referenced phone numbers or at

Thank you for your interest and cooperation in this matter.


Denise S. Knauer, IAO

Town of Rye Assessor

Post written by:
Debbie Reisner
Chief of Staff/ Confidential Secretary