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Council Member

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Over a decade ago I began my effort to make Rye Town Government as efficient as the best businesses throughout our great nation. I am proud to have represented the residents of Rye Town for 2 Terms and honored to continue this service for a 3rd Term starting New Years Day 2014! I remain vigilant and focused on ensuring Rye Town's Government continues to operate within the parameters of Best Business Practices. During my first 2 terms Rye Town has: Increased Transparency, Reduced Town Taxes, Reduced Town Government, Eliminated Wasteful Spending, Reduced Expenses, Right Sized Staffing and Facilities, Increased Opportunities for Inter-Municipal Agreements and Shared Services, Increased Accuracy of Town Property Records, Invested in Crawford and Rye Town Parks, Enhanced Responsiveness to Town Residents and Created a Vision for the Future of Rye Town. While it is easy to identify the awesome progress we have made there is still much to do to make Rye Town the Best Government in New York State. That is my goal going forward for the next 4 years. Our first and most important project in 2014 is moving our municipal offices to 222 Grace Church Street. This unprecedented move is unique to our communities as the offices of the NYS Senate, NYS Assembly, Village of Port Chester and the Town of Rye will all be in one convenient location. Also in 2014, Rye Town will be identifying opportunities for the Village of Mamaroneck to maximize the use of the Town Assessing Department. These are just 2 of the many dynamic initiatives on the horizon for the Town of Rye.  I want to personally thank the Rye Town Residents for their continued support. It is through their hard work that we continue to make a difference. I have been honored to represent the residents of Port Chester, Rye Brook and the Rye Neck section of Mamaroneck. The residents of all three communities, with varying backgrounds and political parties have continued to support my efforts in many Village, Town and State Elections. I will say that without their help and the outstanding efforts of many countless volunteers and supporters we would not remain as successful as we have been. Lastly, I must thank my wife Sandra and my children Gianna, William Jr. and Nicholas. They remain supportive and patient while I proudly serve our communities and our residents. May God Bless Rye Town and all its Residents.