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Real Property Appraiser

Top Five Skills: 1. Strong interpersonal skills 2. Good judgement 3. Thorough knowledge of theory, principles, practices and laws governing real property valuation and assessment in the State of New York 4. Experience with property sketches, blueprints and tax maps 5. Experience with Appraisal field work of both commercial and residential properties 

GENERAL STATEMENT OF DUTIES: Under the direct supervision of the Assessor, responsible for obtaining and reporting factual/relevant data supporting real property value estimates. Assists the Assessor in all aspects of assessment administration, field operations, assessed values, and maintaining an equitable assessment roll. Performs a variety of related technical and administrative tasks to ensure the smooth and effective operation of the Assessment Department. Assessment Database/Computer: Assists in the maintenance of the assessment data/inventory in the NYS Real Property System (RPSV4) database, as well as on the Vision Government Solutions database used for CAMA modeling. Maintain/update parcel records, inventory, and assessed value changes. Property Inspections: Conducts field inspections and measurements of buildings. Inspects properties after a transfer/sale, for assessment challenges, and as requested by the property owner. Collects data, and records findings/changes in assessment database. Maintain detailed records and files. Building Permits: Reads and interprets sketches, building plans/specifications. Generates or re-draw sketches using computer sketching program like Apex. Analyzes/updates parcel inventory from building permit data. Analytics/Research: Analyzes sales data to update parcel inventory. Uses MLS and assessment database to analyze sales. Evaluates residential/commercial assessed values. Analyzes increases/decreases in assessment roll by neighborhood. Researches property owner inquiries and reports findings. Tax Mapping/Changes/Subdivisions: Assists in all aspects of tax map preparation and keeping them up to date. Makes changes to assessment database and tax maps for splits/merges. 

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